Posted by: chopandcut | December 22, 2009

Beer, Paris, and late Nights

Well this last week was eventful, on Wednesday me and Mr O met up with a couple of bloggers we met at the London Blogger event for a few beers at which is a Belgian beer bar located in Covent Garden.  It’s not the first time I have been to this place but I have to say while I love the idea in principle, every time I go to this place its a let down, the service isn’t great, the beers aren’t cheap and well the atmosphere just isn’t there for me.  Even my beer wasnt cold.  Note to self don’t go back!

On Thursday I was due to meet up with a few friends from a cigar forum I belong to and check out the beer garden at a pub just off Blackfriars bridge.  Well it was so bloody cold on Thursday we had to cancel which was a shame as I was quite looking forward to shooting the breeze with some fellow cigar lovers, I have found for the most part they tend to be a decent sort, not the stereotype you would expect at all. 

Friday was our staff Christmas meal/drink at work, we ended up in a low end french chain despite having a budget of £50 a head we end up in a place costing £15 a head, what gives??   anyway after the so so meal we went to a nearby pub which Mr O described quite accurately I thought as feeling like we were at a wake!

But all that didn’t matter because I was due to go on the Eurostar to Paris with MrO and 8 other competition winners for an action packed weekend away…… well I got to the station at 7.00am slightly hung over and craving my bed to find the Eurostar is broken!!!! so no Paris for me!

So what I’ve been trying to say in a rather long-winded way is that this last week really wasnt great…..


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