Posted by: chopandcut | December 29, 2009

Do We Care?

I’ve been thinking alot over the last few days about other people and how we treat them.  A week or so ago I brushed shoulders with a man while walking down the street, he went totally crazy at me convinced our shoulders connecting was no accident and was part of some devious plan on my part, I’m not sure what he thought my objective was but anyway the point is he was so angry at this non event.  The thing is I can’t get this bloke out of my head, why was he so angry?  did he really think I did this on purpose?  Will I ever see him again for round two? (this happened right by my office). 

I spent Boxing Day with my friend Bryn who was over from LA, she is a wonderfully positive person and it was a pleasure to walk the streets of London with her, and thats largely all we did, but it was so much fun, walking along the river Thames ducking occasionally in somewhere for a light refreshment before continuing on , my feet were killing the next day but it was worth it.  

So then today I heard an argument on the radio about asylum seekers, there were the usual people calling in saying “send em all back” etc and there were a few that asked why do they come here in the first place? with this being an island and all…an argument  I kind of agreed with…. but then this lady called in and totally changed my mind, she told her story of how she was tortured and abused in her home country which she fled and was so thankful that Britain gave her asylum… she then asked what would you do if you had to flee Britain tomorrow? it’s a good question …. I think Id want to go to the country I felt I would be the safest and would care for me while I was in this weak state.  What would you do?



  1. I think asylum seekers is a very difficult subject to broach – and I am like you – I generally think “Hell – we can’t let EVERYONE in! there’s no room left!” but when you hear the situations that they have fled from, it breaks your heart, and you can;t even begin to imagine what it must have taken for them to leave their homes.

    At the same time though, we don’t do THAT good a job of looking after the people we already have – and if we weren’t letting so many extra people into the country, would we be able to do a better job of that?

    Tricky – and no answer that seems to satisfy all angles.

    unless perhaps we did an exchange – for every asylum seeker we let in, we send a long-term prisoner over to their country? 😉

  2. some good points, and like you say there is no answer to satisfy everyone.
    I do like your exchange program Idea though, that could be fun 🙂

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