Posted by: chopandcut | January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

New years eve to me has mostly always been a let down, I’ve done the pub thing , I’ve done the going into London to see the non-existant river of fire thing, a few years ago I even paid to go to the local upmarket bar for a promised evening of food, drink and live music… and guess what they all kind of sucked for  various reasons. Pubs tend to be packed to the rafters (not in a good way but in a so busy you can hardly move/ take 30mins to get served at the bar kind of way).  in 2000 I went down to London bridge for the promised river of fire, and  guess what?  it didn’t even happen! unless you believe the person who was paid to put it on anyway, he claimed it was just all very quick… yeah whatever….. 

I have had one really cool NYE, me and some friends went to Edinburgh to see Culture Club play on a massive outdoor stage and afterwards went to a party in a closed shopping centre somewhere….  I think the reason that was fun as it was an a gig and a holiday wrapped up in one, I really don’t think NYE had a huge amount to do with it all…. ahhh I dunno  but the last two  New years I have stayed in and amused myself… the thing is this year I kind of felt I’ve missed out on something……..

My friend ‘Smokey’ wants a group of us to go to Amsterdam next NYE which works for me, but then anything sounds great to me right now rather than listening to endless crap fireworks and receiving endless texts wishing me happy new year from people I don’t know because I must have deleted their number long ago but they feel the need to send everyone on their phone the same message?

Am I just being miserable? well yeah ……



  1. I went to Amsterdam for NYE about 6 years ago. I have never been more scared in my life!!! they have no fireworks regulations, and people were just letting them off in the street – there were rockets whizzing past our ears, and there was even a bloke standing in the middle of the street HOLDING two Catherine Wheels. Me and my mate kept shouting “NO!!! Never go back to a lit firework!!” and such like.

  2. Oh yes, and Happy New Year by the way 🙂

  3. oh bloody hell that sounds a bit scary!, either way I have no made my mind up next NYE I’m going to force myself to do something, and if thats Amsterdam I will have t make sure I stay away from the fireworks!

    happy new year to you too

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