Posted by: chopandcut | January 11, 2010


Last night I saw the much hyped ‘The Road’ now maybe I’m just not getting it but I really don’t see what all the hype is about? I admit there was some good acting going on from Viggo Mortensen, but well the rest just didnt work for me… and when the movie got to the end I thought it was just about to kick off and get somewhere! …. now this film will most likely win an Oscar or something and become a classic why though will forever elude me



  1. I want to see this. Mainly because I recently read the book and shortly after, I heard there was a film coming out of it, and I couldn’t work out HOW they made it into a film. I might even dig out my review of the book for you 😉

  2. that would be interesting to read your thoughts, maybe the books better than the film?

    • OK – I wrote this in October:

      I thoroughly enjoyed The Road, even though i wouldn’t usually have picked it up to read. It’s bleak and very ‘grey’, following a father and son along a road (surprise surprise) through an America that is completely dead – nothing living apart from the occasional human, no fresh water, no vegetation, so no food. I felt slightly short-changed by the book as nothing is ever explained – when this is set, how old the boy is (I was guessing about 8 or 9, but he could just as well have been 4 or 14!), and most of all what caused the world to be like this. I have assumed that it’s a result of global warming, but I guess it could’ve been a nuclear disaster, it could’ve been a massive volcano or something – the rest of the world MAY actually be OK. Part of me feels that I paid for someone else’s imagination and have been forced to use my own instead, LOL.

      Having said that though, it was a fantastic and surprisingly easy read – I zoomed through it quicker than i read most books. I can easily see this as a modern classic that will be given to high school kids to make of what they will with questions like “What do you feel caused the disaster?”

  3. interesting, the film is very much the same as in its not explained why the world is screwed up, it all just felt like it was unfinished to me

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