Posted by: chopandcut | January 14, 2010

Hi I’m an expert….

Last night me and Mr O went along to the London Bloggers meet up, this was my second time and met a great bunch of bloggers and also had a drink or two paid for  by Vodafone who sponsored the evening. While most were just there to chat about their blogs and meet similar minded people I did meet a couple of so-called experts in SEO which I have since found out means ‘Search engine Optimisation’. Anyway one of them gave me her card after quite a hard sell about how great she was, the card was impressive so I thought Id take a look and see what it was all about only to find a crappy looking site riddled with spelling mistakes and what seems like lots of copy and paste jobs from press releases.

Not a great way to sell yourself! I don’t claim to be an expert in anything really, but if I did I would make sure I know my onions or at least give the pretence that I do!



  1. *snigger* At least I knew what SEO means!

    I should’ve asked you your name, and what you look like before I went last night. I didn’t win the iPhone. Boo!

  2. yeah I actually thought about this once there, I had no idea who you were, I since found out my friend Marc spoke to you (we think!) I actually thought maybe you wanted to remain incognito , glad you had a good time there and if you come to the next one we can speak in person

    • I might have spoken to someone called Marc. I spoke to a few people called Mark or Marc. He’s common. 😀 Thanks for telling me about it – I met some very nice people. Would’ve been nice to speak to you though!

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